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The official webpage of Aljamea-Tus-Saifiyah.

Aqa Moula Akhbaar:
Your one-stop source for the latest pictures and news of Aqa Moula TUS . The website also hosts pictures highlighting other Dawoodi Bohra events and gatherings throughout the world.

Mumenaat behno please visit this website to view/print vaaz passes and all other ITS related miqaat passes.

Idaratut Ta’reef al Shakhsi (ITS):
The official website used to register for miqaats and update personal biographical information. Mumineen can login using their respective ITS id numbers and passwords. Passes for individual miqaats are also found here.

The official website dedicated to the memorization of al-Quran-al-majeed, and learning proper methods of recitation. The website contains a wealth of resources and practice material through which one can learn tajweed and create a schedule to follow in order to plan out memorization over a period of time.

Please visit this page for the latests madeh, marasiya, and other audio content released by sautuliman.

Talabul Ilm:
This is the primary resource for self-taught courses on various religious topics. It is also where Mumineen can take the online Al-Jamea-Tus-Saifiyah imtehaan, and access many other resources. Mumineen are encouraged to benefit from the educational resources found on this website.

The Dawoodi Bohras
Comprehensive website about the history and culture of the Dawoodi Bohra community

Today in History:
A calendar that displays significant historical events that took place on the day at which you are visiting the website, updated daily. Other resources such as namaaz timings are also displayed.

Various articles in English about Religious Topics:
An excellent source of spiritual edification, and way to increase knowledge of one’s faith. This collection of articles is updated monthly and ranges from topics on Hudood Akhbar to Fatemi ritual practices. Often excerpts are taken directly from kutub-al-daawat.