About Us

The Dawoodi Bohras are a close-knit Muslim community with approximately one million followers worldwide. The community is led by the Da’i al Mutlaq, or ‘Syedna,’ who serves as the sovereign leader of the global community.Today, the 53rd Da’i al Mutlaq, his Holiness Dr. Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) has lead the community to new heights. Internationally, we are known for our history of entrepreneurship, rich heritage and culture, participation in state-driven social efforts, and privately run philanthropic enterprises. Our many contributions to the public sphere include but are not limited to: the construction of hospitals, schools, and revival and restoration of Islamic heritage sights.

Our Central New Jersey community is made up of a set of highly accomplished professionals, entrepreneurs, and public servants. As citizens of The United States, our guiding philosophy is succinctly summarized by the principle: love of one’s nation is a core tenet of faith.